• We help create a Connected World with Solutions tailored to your needs

    From wired to wireless, our connected solutions bridge the gap between product ideas and real devices that solve real business needs.

  • Cutting Edge Technologies to address cutting edge needs

    Whether you have an idea for an embedded device or need a cloud server or a mobile app, we can help you to quickly reach your market and begin marketing your solutions with lower costs and less wasted time.

  • Proven engineering through market-proven solutions and satisfied customers

    Our engineers and solution partners give you access to a wide range of technology expertise, which reduces your risk and maximizes your investment dollars.


Abamis Connects People to Solutions

Our mission is to provide complete technology solutions that are tailored to our client's specific needs. We stand by our philosophy of delivering solutions that focus on a company's business requirements, and not just the technology.

Professional Services

We provide software and technology development for a wide range of application domains, including 3D training and simulation, mobile apps, gaming and entertainment, remote sensing and IoT, cloud services, wireless data collection, and hardware integration.

Quality Support

Since we understand technology from both a hardware and software perspective, we are able to provide technology support services unmatched by software-only or hardware-only providers. We also complement our expertise with a strong set of technology partners.

Tailored Solutions

Have an idea but can't get the technology pieces to "fit"? The pace of change in the industry during the last couple of years is breath-taking, so we understand that keeping up to date is a challenge. We'll help you to sort through technology options so you can achieve your vision.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Whether your business is in the mobile, training, simulation, wireless tracking, mapping, healthcare, or other technology-intensive space we have the software and hardware capabilities to develop and integrate end-to-end solutions. Abamis engineers have experience in electronics and embedded hardware development, which provides a balanced approach in situations where software and hardware must work well together.

Take a look at the technology areas we have expertise in, and then explore our portfolio for relevant use cases and in-depth analysis of specific application solutions.


Mobile Apps
Cloud & IoT
Embedded Systems
Sim & Viz
Web Design
STEM & Outreach

Key Team Members

Think you have what it takes to join our team? Tell us why you think so and send your information to careers@abamis.com.

We are currently looking for: Mobile and Cloud Application Developers, Unity 3D Developers

Warren Macchi

Warren Macchi

Anthony Barresi

Anthony Barresi

Creative Designer
Brendan Gaylord-Miles

Brendan Gaylord-Miles